Friday, July 4, 2008

Searching for the Elusive Moose

Photo: © Chris Harris

When some friends came to visit us, they couldn't wait to see a moose. But whenever you're looking for a moose in Maine, you don't usually see one. Naturally, they left our great state without having seen one.

Searching for the Moose of Maine
Beth Hooe Gilbert

"I love the state of Maine. I love the climate, even in the winter. It reminds me a little of my home in West Virginia except for our hot summers. The similarities in the scenery may be why I love to visit Maine, and why one day I would love to retire to Maine with my husband and boys.

My family and I have been traveling to Maine for vacations for over 8 years now. Maine is a beautiful state with many chances all over the state to see wildlife in their natural habitat. We spend most of our time at Moosehead Lake. It's a beautiful, large lake in northern Maine, and the name would indicate that there are indeed many moose to be seen. However, in all of my years visiting, my family and I have not seen one moose"......more of her story


The Woman said...

I'm not sure we have a wild animal but the state bird is a cardinal

Cathi said...

I have never been to Maine but I certainly would love to visit if only to see a moose. :)
I know in California our state bird is the California Quail and the flower is the California Poppy however I'm not sure about an animal. I would think it is the Grizzly Bear because he is on our flag but I'll have to do some research.

Angie said...

Hubby and I think they just changed the state bird of IL from the cardinal to the mosquito. Does that count? LOL

The IL state mammal is the white-tailed deer and the state insect, the monarch butterfly. Thanks to for this info.

Heart of Rachel said...

The moose is a beautiful animal. Our national bird is the Monkey Eating Eagle.