Friday, July 25, 2008

Have You Ever Bought a Lobster?

Have you ever bought a lobster, taken it home, and boiled it?

My answer: Only once. Even though I live in Maine I've only done this once. The price of lobster doesn't fit my grocery budget.

Here's a way to make 1 lobster stretch for a few people:

Maine Lobster Rolls Recipe
from the Food Network Site


The Woman said...

no haven't even tried lobster

happyathome said... of my favorites and yes it is a bit pricey, budget wise it is only on special occasions. We do usually stop in Maine on the way home and pcik up a few, cheaper than in CT and taste better! Stop by my Aloha Friday, give yourself a new leash on life!

TheAngelForever said...

I have never done it, but heard stories about my grandmother bringing back Maine lobsters to make at home. Apparently she traumatized people with the saga of making them.

Have a great weekend!

Qtpies7 said...

I didn't need to, my mom married a commercial fisherman in Maine, so I got my lobster free!
But I, personally, haven't done the cooking.

Cathi said...

I have never bought and boiled a lobster myself however I have eaten at other people's homes that have done so.

Spice said...

I haven't, but growing up my parents used to during the summer. That recipe sounds yummy!!! Happy Aloha Friday! Spice World

Dee said...

no I haven't! But yummy those sandwiches look good!