Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Maine Summertime Memory

One of my favorite summertime memories is going to the county fair. I loved it as a kid and now I enjoy sharing this summertime tradition with my family.

When I was young, it was so exciting to get close enough to the fairgrounds to see a couple of the tallest midway rides. My sister and I would loose all of our patience as we waited in the long line of cars. But we knew that it would be worth the wait.

Once inside the fairgrounds, it was hard to decide what to do first. We usually headed for the midway. We were only allowed to go on the rides on bracelet day, but it was still exciting to wander around the midway and look for people that we knew. Some of the other things that I enjoyed about the fair was: entering my cooking and sewing items in 4-H, watching the rodeo and the pig scramble, getting my face painted, walking through the covered pavilion to see what people were selling in their booths, and eating elephant ears.

There have been changes since I went to the fair as a kid. Now, we enjoy watching: the
freestyle MX MotoCross show, the demolition derby, the elephant circus, the lumberjack show, the racing pigs, and the freestyle snowmobile show.

I'm glad that the fairs in Maine are still continuing, some after 150 years. I don't know what my family or the community would do without this summertime tradition.

The Bangor State Fair Video Clip


Tammy said...

Boys does that picture brings back memories from when I was a kid!

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, I was never a big fan of the fair. I tend to have more fun in later years when I could vote, and would visit the Democrat booth wearing Republican pins and stickers. :) I do, however, remember enjoying the caramel apples as a kid.

Dawn said...

I still adore going to fairs, and I just love watching my kids feel that same excitement that you described.

smarmoofus said...

Bracelet day! A county (and state) fair classic! I haven't been to my county fair in years. If I'm around this year, I think maybe I'll go. I love that picture of the ferris wheel... did you take it?

Happy Hot!

Picturing of Life said... ^_^ love to go there also if can hi hi hi

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forgetfulone said...

What a great memory and a great post. My HoT is up now, too.

Tina said...

I loved the fair. I still do alot now. im like a big kid!

i know what you mean bout not knowing which rides to pick!

Thanks for stopping by my hots :)

Hootin' Anni said...

Ahhhhhh, yes, fairs! The rides, the 4H entries, the crafts on display and I remember concerts at the fair when I was a kid too!

Great memory.

Mine is shared. Stop by if you can. But warning, it's a bit different than what you'd probably expect for a summer memory.

Sue said...

I love fairs :) Your post brought back some memories for me too :) Happy HOT day!

Skittles said...

There is nothing in the world like a state fair!!! I remember the smells and sounds just like it was yesterday.

Are you new to HoT? I'm adding you to the blogroll. :)

Preethi said...

looks like loads of fun.. wish I could go..

Summers of my past

FRIGGA said...

Ooh, me too!! I love the fair!! The big one in our area is going on, and I really want to go - but over the years it's gotten crazy expensive :(

Oh well, Happy HoT!! :)

Karen said...

We just had our little county fair. It was fun to see all the people. We lucked out with beautiful weather.